LDS Introduces Innovative Explosive Detection Systems at HLS&Cyber Event

LDS is introducing its new line of detection systems applicable for explosive detection, and identification of hazardous materials, narcotics, drugs, contraband organic materials and chemicals. LDS’ sensors include Remote Scan Systems (R-SCAN), Bottle Liquid and Powders scanners (B-SCAN) and Luggage Scanners (L-SCAN) with applications in Homeland Security, Military Counter IED, CBRNE, Forensic Investigation and Environmental Monitoring.

LDS Technology Advantage

Implementing unique, patented laser spectroscopy techniques, LDS explosive detectors and chemical analyzers are processing laser illumination reflected from the tested surface, identifying trace materials on the object to produce warning in real-time. Operating without direct contact with the suspected object, our sensors can be operated from stand-off range or in- situ.

Featured Product: G-SCANpro

Introducing LDS G-SCANpro, the new generation of LDS 4500-H, laser Handheld Portable Raman Spectroscopy Detector designed for use by law enforcement, military and security agencies. A powerful sensitive, low false-positive and low false-negative tool, G-SCANpro detects a wide variety of explosive substances and suspicious drugs in forms of liquid, bulk or powder.