Law Enforcement & Homeland Security

LDS system can be implemented in a laser spectroscopy-based “explosives sniffing” device, similar in operation to standard sniffers – wiping off the object, inserting them into a test chamber and receiving results within few seconds.

Mega Event Security

Effectively and rapidly screening vehicles as well as walk-in visitors, LDS explosive detectors offer an efficient, high throughput, ultra-reliable explsoive detection system capable of detecting all types of explosives, including hidden, liquid explsosives.

Hand-Held Explosives Scanner (HE Scanner)

The LDS HE scanner provides broader detection of multiple substances, including all known, regulated and improvised explosives. As an ‘always ready’ sensor, this sniffer does not require cleansing between samples, irrespective of the quantity of detected material.

Forward Mobile Lab (FML)

The LDS system can be integrated in a Forward Mobile Lab – a portable scanning device capable of identifying solids, gases and liquids in transparent containers. Used at the event arena, the Forward Mobile Lab enables the receipt of an on-site situation picture for decision-makers.

Drug Detection Scanner (DDS)

LDS systems provide law enforcement agencies with powerful, low-false-positive detection of drugs and other illegal substances, by spotting trace elements and signatures of known materials on suspects’ hands, clothing, baggage or vehicle. Systems can be integrated into baggage screening, vehicle inspection, access control or used in hand-held devices by law enforcement agents.