Bottle Liquid Scanner 5500-B BLS


With liquid explosives becoming significant hazard to aviation security, with such explosives disguised by terrorists as alcoholic beverages, perfumes or other seemingly innocent containers, aviation security authorities were driven to ban the transport hand luggage containing liquids, aerosols and gels (otherwise referred to as TSA’s “3-1-1 policy”). This policy was implemented in response to the thwarted liquid explosive bomb plot in the United Kingdom in August 2006. LDS’ BLS introduces a unique method enabling rapid analysis of liquid containers, accelerating airport security checks, improving passenger service, while increasing the probability of detection and efficiency of security measures.

B-SCAN Ultra Fast Explosive Scanner from Laser detect Systems.

The B-SCAN is an essential sensor enabling security personnel to effectively and rapidly identify a wide range of potential threats in public locations, such as in security checkpoints at airports, transportation hubs and large public facilities, among others.

B-SCAN Bottle Liquid & Powder Scanner from LDS

The B-SCAN offers a cost effective, interactive, high sensitive bottled liquid scanner (BLS) that detects hazardous substances in liquids or powder forms contained in glass, transparent or translucent plastics bottled containers.

B-SCAN Bottled Liquid & Powder Scanner.

The B-SCAN can also provide law enforcement and forensic agencies with a powerful high sensitive, low false-positive and low false-negative tool for detecting narcotic drugs and other illegal substances. B-SCAN meets Type B level 3 standards.

The following brochure describes the new BLS products: LDS 5500-B B-SCAN.