LDS Remote Scan (R-Scan) line of products presents a new approach in remote standoff explosives detection of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s). LDS’s R-Scan explosive detection technology has been proved to detect explosive materials against most common background materials such as metals, glass, cloth, wood, paint and soil at distances of up to tens of meters. This approach offers advantages in the detection of explosives not available by any other means. R-Scan has been field tested successfully and is undergoing integration with additional detection technologies as an integrated system.

Remote Scan Advantages

The R-Scan has the following breakthrough capabilities:

  • Stand off automatic real time detection and identification
  • Detect minute quantities of substances, including substances with low vapor pressures (such as highly sophisticated explosives)
  • Remotely detect different chemicals and materials in either a solid and liquid state phase
  • Highly specific characterization of individually manufactured materials – up to determination of their source of production
  • Detection accuracy rates comparable to those found in laboratory testing environments
  • Reduced False-Negative and False-Positive Detection Rates
  • Eliminates background “noise” for more accurate readings

The following brochure describes our lead product of the R-SCAN line: LDS 6500-R